We distribute our programs via Share-it premium affiliate program. You will receive a commission for each sale of 30%, a recommendation of our programs is worthwhile for you. You receive your payments directly from Share-it.

If you are not yet registered at Share-it, you can register via the following link:

>> Sign up as an affiliate at Share-it <<

If you have a Share-it account, you can make a partnership request in the members area. You can find us under the name Hot-World GmbH & Co. KG (#200190383).

Proceed as follows:

  1. Login at Share-it in the member area. (Go to Share-it Control Panel)
  2. Select in the Control Panel Products -> Find.
  3. Select at Filter by Status the option Partnership does not exist.
  4. Enter Hot-World GmbH & Co. KG at Filter by Publisher and click Display.
  5. On the confirmation page, click Submit partnership request.
  6. This must be confirmed again by clicking on the button Yes, please express my wish for cooperation! Here our Publisher ID 200190383 is displayed.
  7. Now we have to confirm you as a partner, which usually happens within one business day, then you can promote our program and earn money.

You can promote to the following products:

  1. QR Customizer Pro (#300588018)
  2. QR Customizer Pro Statistics (#300588025)
  3. QR Customizer Pro + QR Customizer Pro Statistics (#300588119)

Your advantages

  • High commission participation of 30%!!!
  • Secure payments and credits by Share-it.
  • You promote / recommend programs which are characterized by quality, functionality and ease of use but are still cheap. QR Customizer Pro can also be fully tested for free (By using the paid design features, the QR Codes are slightly corrupted and thus unusable.). In this way we achieve a high customer acceptance and a very good graduation rate. In addition, the program is multilingual (currently English, German, Japanese, Dutch and Italian) so that it can be marketed worldwide.
  • Multilingual landing pages
  • Through the use of cookies the buyer will be assigned to you if the purchase comes weeks or months later.

Try it yourself, you will be pleasantly surprised!

We recommend the promotion in the form of a separate test (you can download our program for testing free, screenshots cmay be used) or a tutorial about QR Codes. A comparison with competing products makes sense. Of course you can also use our banners.

You can link directly to the download file of QR Customizer Pro link. Here, the latest version is always available for download.
The download URL is:

Create links

We recommend the promotion of our English or German website. This is optimized for sale, provides more information and the customer can decide if they want to purchase QR Customizer Pro, QR Customizer Pro Statistics or a discounted bundle containing both programs.

Link to English website:

Link to German website:

Please replace in the links XXXXXXXXX with your Share-it Affiliate ID.

When the page is called a cookie is set, then the user will be redirected to our site. The cookie remains valid for several months and is read at the purchase so that you will also be assigned to the buyer, if he decides to buy later.

You can also create links at the Share-it Control Panel. Go to ProdutsGenerate Links. Select Link to a different website and on the following page select Hot-World GmbH & Co. KG (#200190383) as publisher, mark Link to the following URL: and enter our domian name (English) or (German). The URL and a short URL is then offered on the confirmation page.

At ProductsGenerate Links you can also generate links to shopping cart, products and order pages.

Here are some banners to choose from

You can download the banners from our site or copy them to your server.

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